Fethiye - 12 Islands boat cruise

There were numerous daily trips to choose from, but based on the our 'team' we picked the 12 islands boat trip. Cruise around islands nearby Fethiye, with multiple stops at swim locations. Would be very peaceful-leisure trip, but we always manage to get it more exciting.

This time the taxi drove to other direction, towards port at Fethiye. 

Another proof how much the locals love small kids. Really nice, sincere.

Boarded & took over.

So we cruised trough the day around multiple islands, stopping near some of them, having enough time to swim, or enjoy the food prepared on board.
This was first stop.

When you need shade any piece of paperboard is ideal.

I deliberately picked some spots and capture 3x different exposures to join them later into HDR pictures. Some came up nicely.

I even found some models on the board. This was another stop, called by locals "The Tarzan bay". What a piece of rope can do for an adult?

Some more HDR shots. The last one, with the pine tree is in my eyes perfectly reflecting the effect I was looking/aiming for.

Next bay, if I recall correctly this was place with "cruise-in-restaurant", you can reach only by sea.


Those are the two activities I was enjoying doing the whole day.

Every good day deserves a bit of drama. While moving between the stops strong gush of wind picked up the nice blue hat and landed it in water.
There was lots of cry, boat was turned, and hat was rescued.

The views were magnificent.

From the moment he saw anchor, he refused to move from the bow.

Approaching the port.

More at private blog.

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