Ölüdeniz beach

We spend relaxing morning next to swimming pool, and then took the micro-bus to Ölüdeniz beach.

Some people told us that the Ölüdeniz beach is one of the most beautiful in Europe, but so far I understand that the borderline between Europe and Asia is running through Istanbul, and this one is far far away from it. It's Asia, and that mean the competition between "beaches" is much bigger.
Bellow picture is taken on the side turned to "open sea", behind "our backs" is narrow strip of land with nice sandy beach, so called Blue Lagoon. We enjoed the sea, sun and beach that we did not took any pictures there. It was nice, a bit too warm, to shallow, but ideal for kids.

It's a longer trip from the "hotel taxi pickup place" to the beach and back. We really needed, and really enjoyed good portion of the ice-cream on the way back.

While waiting, we manged to check some shops.

After we returned back to hotel in "semi-air-conditioned" mini bus taxi we needed the pool.
Crazy & love until sunset.

We were not the only one delight by it.

Dinner follows..

Playing hide'n'seek afterwards :)

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