Way there and around - SahraSu

Departure from Vienna, right on time.

Today it was a friendly pilot, I can see that the charter flight have more relaxed security.

Landed at Dalaman airport, waiting for other people to hotel transport. It took almost hour to get to our hotel at Oludeniz (near Fethiye) - including the stop for other tourists, at different hotel.

Of course we tried the pool right on the next day. We had a nice relaxing day.
The only downside was algae at room (almost all corners and at shower), but we managed to get upgrade after the 2nd night.

We tried once the "evening animator show", but not lasted until the end. Not worth the time. 

Hence we were further away from big cities the night sky was really impressive.

Here's our upgraded "bunga-love", much better, we really enjoyed it.

Food was nice, but cakes were superb.

Some more evening shots from the resort (SahraSu).

So that was our first 2 days here.

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