Tour de Vodné Dielo Gabčíkovo

Finally there is nice weather again, so we hit the road for the Tour de Vodne Dielo Gabcikovo (Gabcikovo waterworks/dams). At Dobrohost, where the system to water the old Danube side canals is, we saw this small helicopter flying around.

Later we moved down the river to Gabcikovo dam. One of the canal lock, used by ships to move up or down the stream, is under ongoing repairs. It's hard to judge the size of those (32 meters to bottom) even when you stand on top. Just try to image how big the person is based on the red lift on the right side.

The other one was fully functional. Once the ships are in, you can see the upper gate being closed (see the short strip of metal across the water at the end of canal).

Then the valves are open and water is being released. The ships are using special buoyant anchor points, which are moving up & down based on water level.

Here you can see how the upper gate looks like.

Short time lapse, approx 15-20min.
Lower gates are opening.

And the ships are free to go.

View downstream, building on the right holds the turbines generating electricity.

View upstream, you can see the two chambers. The left one was working and the right one under repair.

We ate good lunch at nearby Nimrod restaurant.

On the way back to Bratislava, going around other side of the reservoir, we stopped and tried our kites.

Wind was not so strong, and maybe as well the place was not the best. The wind was falling down to the ground once it was behind the dam wall. We need to try on other day, and at the other place.

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