Park renewed

Nearby park A.Hlinku was renewed, so we went to test it out.
Blízky park A.Hlinku bol obnovený, tak sme ho vybehli otestovať.

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Pick up

While we where on the tour at 'Moravsky kras (see previous entries)',
our son was practicing dinosaur grazing.
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Sloupsko Šošúvské jeskyně

1760m walk in the underground, but they do have as well more 'fancy excursion'.

Cave bear was it.

Some of the walks are really impressive, and from time to time it's good to look up.

Platforms from old days, when owners (with locals) were collecting dripstones. Saying owners, hence in the old days the law was saying that 'all what's on your land is yours'. So in the past the owners were breaking the nicest pieces and selling at village-fairs, or to the lordships.
At that time it was 'inn' to have your own caves, like today they have jacuzzis, and the stones from real caves were used to decorate those.

You can find all colors here, even black and white.

So called 'silver wall', giving nice glittering reflection.

'Relics' from old times, the folks did not understood very well how the stalagmites were formed, so they sometimes tried some re-decorations.. didn't work well, the white one in the middle was attached to some other and placed here.. obviously didn't grew anymore

View from one of the bridges (handheld so really bad quality).

Cave exit/entry, named Kůlna, was used by Nazis during WWII as a weapon factory. From much older times the relics of Neandertals were found here.

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