Punkevní cave and Macocha gorge

Today morning we go for Punkevní cave visit. Arrived at Skalní Mlýn and moved up towards the cave.

We have time before next cave group entry, so let's try the cable-way to look at the Macocha gorge from the top. It's hard to capture the space, depth and majesty of the sight. Really amazing place.

View from the top into the lower deck. First is full view, followed by zoom-in.

How to not loose your phone in deep gorge.

This time we did not get into the "cave boat trip", there was too much rain these days and Punkva river was too high. So they needed to regulate the water levels more heavily, paradoxically this left the water canal for boats dry. You can see that brown mud at the back of the picture with trees and netting.

Inside the Punkevní cave.

Plates showing water levels of river Punkva from past. Will not happen anymore hence the water levels are now regulated.

Almost touching, but will not grow anymore. This stalactite (C-Ceiling) and stalagmite (G-ground) will never join in stalagnate. They are already dry, so no luck.
Funny thing is that it's very hard to find references to "stalganate" in English, many just call it a column.

This one is pretty interesting shape. The water is falling in too big droplets, and too often, so it creates this 'bowl shaped' ending. You can see the reflections in splashed droplets.

Like a curtain.

And here we reached the bottom of the Macocha gorge. It's MAJESTIC, there is classic music on loud speakers and sun is shining through the fog.