There is always something

Schönbuch Brauhaus & Biergarten

When I asked the bartender:
"What's to see around here?",
I got promising answer:
"Not too much" ;)

Anyway I gone for a walk. A bit to the west, I walked on top of small hill. Looks like older part of the town, and I had the feeling on being in some small mountain village. Narrow streets, interesting architecture, and autumn whether.

Small squares with old churches have always good atmosphere going on.

I really like this almost black & white view with barriers in bright colors.

There are two ponds (Oberer und Unterer See) around congress hall, and the white pillars building (I think I saw somewhere it's used for exhibitions).

Water is flowing from the Oberer see through those concrete steps, I wonder how it looks during winter-freeze time and in the summer.


"Not too much", but I think you can always find something.

Nothing more at the private blog.

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